How to do Chevron patterns on the Bond knitting frame.

Yes, you can do a beautiful Chevron on the Bond, it just takes some hand manipulation of stitches.  Once you get the hang of it you'll be moving right along.  The number of stitches  between the points at which you make your increases & decreases is what determines the angle of your chevron points.  The less stitches between your increases and decreases the sharper the angle will be.

Here we are working on our increase/decrease row. There will be 3 stitches between the  points at which I make my increases & decreases in the swatch I am working here.

Make the decreases.  Transfer 3 stitches in from the left and from the right so that there are 3 stitches hung on the (center) decrease needle.

Make the increases.  Insert tool into the purl bar of  stitch from the previous row and pull it up
to hook it on the empty latch on each side of the (center) increase needle.  Knit across the row carefully.  Then knit back in the other direction.  And that's all there is to it.

This is what it looks like when it's finished.

Other ideas
Instead of picking up the purl bar and placing it on the empty needle try leaving that needle in a holding position & then after you knit the increase/decrease row put that needle back into working position making an eyelet at the point of the increase (like the background photo used on this page.)

After knitting the inc/dec row turn your work with the garter bar and knit one or more rows, then turn it back again making a nice zig-zag purl line along the front of the work.

Alternate the eyelet increase with the bar increase.

Vary the number of plain knitted rows between the increase/decrease row.

Instead of making one double decrease as I did above try using two single decreases. (this will leave 2 stitches in the center instead of one.)

Use different colors of yarn to get the Ripple Afghan look.

Have fun!  There are lots of possibilities...

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