The Kingdom of Northshield Presents
An Artful Hare Affaire
Arts and Science competition
March 3rd 2007
Co Event Stewarts
Mistress Ealasaid nic Phearsoinn
Herr Janvier der Wasserman
Chestnut Avenue Center for the Arts
208 S. Chestnut Ave.
Marshfield, WI 54449
The “Artful Hare Affaire” is an event dedicated to the advancement of the arts and sciences within Northshield. This will be accomplished through providing open workshops, classes, and competition. It is also a place to display your work and get feedback on many aspects of the projects you are involved in.
Activities include A&S Competition, Lunch feast, and many classes.
8:00 am Set up crew arrives on site.
9:00 am Merchants allowed on site or set up. - Entrants check in starts.
10:00 am Site opens. - setup Hands on.
11:00 am Performance start. - Entrants check in closes.
12:00 pm Lunch. - Edible competition.
1:00 pm Class.
2:00 pm Class.
3:00 pm Hands on Judging starts.
4:30 pm Court begins.
6:30 pm Dancing (If applicable)
8:30 pm Site Closed
10:00 pm Clean up should be done.
The Competition :
For Arts and Science competitions we have no model of competition for training purposes equivalent to the tournament for martial pursuits. It is clear that throughout time artisans have vied with one another in order to develop a reputation, gain patronage, or simply sell their wares. Competition is at the heart of growth and can provide a powerful stimulus to improve on previous performance or to try something entirely new. In this Artful Hare Affaire we offer two types of contests. Instead of traditional novice and expert categories, we ask the artist to choose from two contest depending on the documentation he or she has to offer and the manner in which he or she wishes to be judged.
The Artful Hare Affaire offers two types of competitions.
The first contest, which we call “Full Documentation”, is designed to encourage talented and experienced artists and craftsmen to showcase their best and most historically accurate work. This is the most highly competitive group since all entrants in a category will compete against one another for a limited number of awards. This might necessitate lumping or splitting of categories based on the number of entrants. There will be a focus on historic accuracy. The goal is not necessarily to reproduce a specific period piece but to produce something that one’s persona might have produced. Documentation does not need to be lengthy but should include primary sources when possible. Period materials and techniques should used if possible and substitutions or changes should be explained.
The second contest is “Partial Documentation”. In this group, artists will not compete against each other, but each item entered will be given a score based on its merit. Strengths in one area can compensate for weaknesses in another and the emphasis will be more on the overall impression and the effort made on the piece. Documentation is still required, but can be more limited, addressing the basic issues of “What is the piece?” When and where was it used? Why did I do it this way?
Categories (for either contest):
1) Edible
Entries will be served at the above the salt portion of the lunch so please bring sufficient amounts for at least 20 small servings.
Limited kitchen facilities are available.
Pre-registration is strongly encouraged.
a) Main Course meats
vegetable dishes
b) Subtlety sweets
c) Beverage Alcoholic
Non- alcoholic
2) Performance
To assure adequate time and space, pre-registration is strongly encouraged.
Performances lasting more than 10 minutes require pre-approval from event stewards.
a) Dance
b) Combat
c) Music
d) Oratory
3) Hands On
a) Textile
Fiber arts
b) Scribal Arts
Other (Book Binding, Map Making, etc.)
c) Other Science
Metal work Armor
Wood work Furniture
Leather work Armor
Accessories (shoes, belts, pouches, etc)
Other Glass work, ceramics, etc
d) Other Arts
Written arts
To Pre-Register Please Contact
Autocrat - Mistress Ealasaid nic Phearsoinn mcpherson@starband.net 715-687-4870,
Autocrat - Herr Janvier der Wasserman herrjanvier@hotmail.com 715-384-9298,
Or mail to before 2/15:
Steven Harteau
623 North Ash Ave
Marshfield, WI 54449
Classes Include:
Illumination for the artistically challenged
Beginning Card Weaving (Limit 8)
   This is a beginning, hands on class. We will cover basic terms and techniques.
   Each student will leave with an in-process piece.
   Discuss the stamping patterns found on leather items from the London digs and investigate
   some of the tool options for recreating similar patterns.
Nalbinding (Limit 10, $5 fee, 2 Hours)
   Hands on class to learn one of the stitches and seeing some of the others.
   The fee is for a wooden needle, some acylic yarn to practice with, copies of instructions for making socks
   and a copy of a list links to nalbinding sites of interest. Students can bring their own yarn if they chose.
Designing period embroidery
Roman Garb
If you have a class you wish to teach please contact:
Mistress Ealasaid nic Phearsoinn mcpherson@starband.net 715-687-4870,
Guide to documentation:
Good documentation should explain:
1) What is your entry? (time and place, who used it, etc)
2) What do you know about how people did this in period? This is the place to cite sources. Remember that if you don’t have primary sources, especially if you are in the full documentation contest, you need to discuss the merits or lack thereof for secondary sources, and you should avoid tertiary sources like encyclopedias or unreferenced websites. A primary source can be a an item you copied, a photograph, a musical score, recipe in period language, etc. Secondary sources can be other people’s interpretations like a book on costuming, a redacted recipe with with modern measurements, or a translated text)
3) How did you create your entry? Did you use period materials, techniques, and tools? If you were not able to do so, you should explain how you tried to maintain the period nature of your entry.
Please remember the judges have to look at multiple entries. More documentation is not necessarily better. Please try to limit to two pages or less for text and no more than 1 or 2 illustrations.
Judges Instructions:
The purpose of this competition is to promote the arts and sciences in Northshield; therefore comments on an artists’ work should be as constructive as possible. Please remember that novices and experienced artists may be competing in the same category.
Full Documentation entrants are competing with respect to knowledge and research as well as artistic skill. In this contest, understanding the process of creation in period terms is more important than artistic perfection or complexity of the finished work. Partial Documentation entrants have chosen to have their piece judged more on artistic effect, but knowledge is still a factor. This means that the authenticity portion of the criteria should be weighted more heavily in the Full Documentation contest.
Take Hwy 10 toward Marshfield. At the intersection of Hwy 13 and Hwy 10 turn north (Into Marshfield) Follow Hwy 13 (Veterans park way) to the Chestnut intersection. Turn left two blocks south on Chestnut is site. The Chestnut Avenue Center for the Arts is in an old church / school. Park on the street and unload. When you are unloaded please move you car and park on the street further down or in lots 1-2 blocks from the site.
Hotel Information:
Ameri Host Inn & suites
2107 N. Central Ave
Marshfield, WI 54449
Best Western Hotel
2700 S.Roddis Ave
Marshfield, WI 54449
Comfort Inn
114 E. Upham St.
Marshfield, WI 54449
Super 8
1651 N. Central Ave
Marshfield, WI 54449
$5.00 Site fee includs "Below the Salt" Lunch feast.
$3.00 Non member Fee
$5.00 "Above the Salt" feast. Limited tickets at the door, no preregistration (proceeds go to the KoN Endowment Fund)
Under 6 years of age is free. Children are encouraged to attend and compete, but no separate childrens activities are planned.
$10.00 Merchant Fee
Below the Salt Menu: A simple meal for lent
Oatcakes and bread with prererves and cheese
A dish of lentils (with onions, garlic and herbs)
Frittors of apples and cheese
Baked apples and onions
A tray of sweets
Contact Information:
Send Preformance and Edible catagorie Pre-Registration to
Autocrat - Mistress Ealasaid nic Phearsoinn mcpherson@starband.net 715-687-4870,
Autocrat - Herr Janvier der Wasserman herrjanvier@hotmail.com 715-384-9298,
Send Merchant and Pre-Registration to:
   Lady Isabeau of WinterRose
   Alyce Knutson
   3230 Reber dr
   Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494
Q: Is it true that there is no armored fighting at Hare Affaire?
A: There will be no Armored or Rapier combat.
However, you are encouraged to enter pirod styles to in the preformance catagory
Q: How Do I get an above the salt feast ticket?
A: Above the salt tickets will be sold the day of the event only.
No preregistration (proceeds go to the KoN Endowment Fund)
Above the salt feasters and the Head table will be the judges for the edible entries.
Helpful Documents:
Item Entry Form
Pre Registration Form
Merchants Form